Wednesday, September 19, 2007

sweet... an award!

today is a big day for me... a committee meeting where i get to ask those fellas whether they think my research thus far is complex enough that i can defend my dissertation for them in the spring.... eek! i'm not too worried, but i'm still a little nervous. thats why i was so delighted to receive an email this morning telling me i won the red hot blog of the day award from Red Orbit: your universe online. woohoo!! thats awesome! thanks so much red orbit. i'll get back to my regularly scheduled blogging just as soon as i make sure i can graduate this spring!!!


Kennyo said...

Hey hows it going? Cool site! could u check out mine and if you like it could you vote on the blogger choice awards site, there is a link on my site!
thanks kennyo

Just Holly said...

Blog of the Day! You rock.

Anonymous said...

You have a great site and i always find something cool or fun, congradulations Pixter.... on the well deserved award!
From the heart of South Austin, jeff& cindy