Thursday, August 9, 2007

viva chile, mierda!

it's so hard to believe that 8 months has passed since i began my adventures on this crazy continent. tomorrow i start my journey from here...

Viva Chile Mierda!!

to here....

America, Fuck Yeah!!

similar flags but oh so different places. thank you to everyone i met along the way. i've learned many things during this journey and i can confidently say i'm a different person than who i was when i arrived. i'll miss everything from the endless avocado and peeled tomato salads to the interesting translations to the random treasures in the andes... and most especially the empanadas!!

goodbye chile... for now. hello again austin!


Anonymous said...

La bandera chilena NO es esa.
Favor corrige el error.
Santiago de Chile.

Unknown said...

Ahm, creo que nuestro amigo Juan no entendiĆ³ la idea (desde Chile hasta Texas), pero nada...
Searching pictures of the moon, I´ve found your blog, beautiful every thing you have collected here... but i couldn't stop to reply when you talk about our delicious "empanada"... and your "viva Chile, mierda!" ... jaja ja ... Good for you!!!
And keep visiting my country!!!