Friday, June 1, 2007

once in a blue moon

mmm... blue moon beer.... i miss it...

wait, beer is not what this post is about...

tonight is a blue moon... depending on where on earth you live!! a blue moon is the second full moon in a single month. there are 4 full moons in may, june and july...

2 May at 10:09 GMT
1 June at 01:04 GMT
30 June at 13:49 GMT
30 July at 00:48 GMT

but since they occur at the ends of the months, the occurance of a blue moon will be different depending on your time zone! for those of us in the americas, we can call tonight's full moon our blue moon. most of the rest of the world will have a blue moon in june, except for those in line with new zealand who have a blue moon in july!

also, keep your eyes up to see a very bright jupiter near the moon (low in the south when viewing from the northern hemisphere). the closest star to the moon is antares, but jupiter will be nearby! and you cant miss the bright "evening star" venus early in the evening. saturn and venus are moving closer to each other from our point of view and will appear closest in our sky early in july.... stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

this shit is bull crap

Unknown said...

i genuinely appreciate being called out on stuff... could you be a bit more specific.... *anonymous*??

Anonymous said...

astropixie, the other *anonymous* person (since I'm not a google blogger) is an idiot....
I suspect they refer everything that they don't understand as ''bullcrap''. Ignorance is only blissful to the ignorant. I wonder if *anonymous* would know how to find intelligence if it hit them in the face. *Anonymous*, Next time you call something bullcrap, just because you can't understand it, I hope that you can pull your atrophied brain out of your ass, and actually use it to educate yourself about matters that confound you. You might actually learn something.

Anonymous said...

thank you for the blue moon info,
i find the moon and stars facinateing,, too bad not everyone
can enjoy it,
i love the avatar

silver surfer

Blue Moon Girl said...

Hello Amanda,
Though it's quite old post about 10 years old, but I still liked it. I feel so great to know about space and planets. The additional best thing about this post is Blue Moon beer, Lol!

And I never knew that I can see Jupiter with naked eyes, I should start looking in sky.
Thank you so much.
Freya, UK