Tuesday, February 6, 2007

international superbowl?

i'll admit that i've never been a big fan of american football, and i still have problems calling the game "football," but i've definitely softened up over the last couple years. i mean, how can i not like a good superbowl party?

this year i watched the game with ex-pat astronomers and their families in chile. the feed from the US was a bit shotty so there were several excitable moments... like after the first run where the bears scored a touchdown, a couple fumbles happened, and then the colts had the ball and... zztt.. frozen tv... we all joked a little.. and then BAM... the picture is moving with harrison is running across the goal line! what!?!? haha!

due to the midwest dominated game, i felt inclined to bring a chilean version of my favorite cincinnati chili dip. mmmm... love that stuff! we had the popular indy broasted pork sandwiches, and one woman even brought a genuine bears crockpot!

unfortunately, we couldnt see the infamously expensive commercials, but we did get to see the same chilean sports commercials over and over and over, including one advertisement for american NFL teams playing games this summer in china. huh?

anyway, this season i missed enjoying some yummy etouffe and gumbo with the most entertaining football fans i've met... cajuns cheering on the saints! but i happily got to watch one good game in austin and one good saints game in chile. i'm looking forward to seeing the saints kick more butt next year! go saints!

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