Tuesday, October 10, 2006

life in the universe?

a nice little video (8 minutes) provided by http://www.deepastronomy.com/.

video is here

(sorry i couldnt display it here directly, but i was having problems....


as of today (oct 9, 2006), there are 210 confirmed exoplanetary candidates.
go to http://exoplanet.eu/ for the most up-to-date page on exoplanetary discovery!

the kepler mission is currently planned for launch in october 2008. this date gets pushed back every so often due to technical difficulties, but mostly funding issues as far as i can tell. many projects under NASA's budget have been fiscally stressed over the last several years do to, in my opinion, the ridiculous amount of activity demanded by the government... namely, manned missions to the moon and mars. these missions cost a lot of money and yet NASA is still expected to keep up all of its old missions while also trying to plan these too with a pretty minimal increase in their annual budget....

ok, enough of my rant, enjoy the video!!!


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